1. Introduction

Yay!! I’m going to be an Outward Bound Mentor

OK, so it has now been four weeks since I was given the details of my blog and I am still not sure what to write, but thought I had better make a start before the whole programme is over!!

I currently work in the Fashion division as Sustainability Manager, which in non-technical terms, means I look after the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and GoGreen (Environmental) programmes within our division. You might think that may be why my application was successful, however I assure you that this is not the case, as this year’s application was my second one!!

Looking back, I remember first seeing a poster for the Outward Bound programme and although I loved the sound of it, I really didn’t feel confident enough to apply, but now four years on, here I am, application successful!!!

Finding out the Great News!

When I received a message from the fabulous Nicky Donovan asking me to call her, little did I know that my application had been successful!!

When I finally got a chance to call her back, she told me the great news and I just couldn’t contain myself – I screamed so loudly and jumped up and down, all around the meeting room!! The guys in the office outside had no idea what all the noise was about, so I eventually composed myself and told them my wonderful news, and although I told them with a very high voice and the hugest smile on my face, they then understood what all the fuss was about!!!

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  1. Good luck – hope you have as much fine as I did. You will always treasure the memory x

  2. HI Tanya, Just had a read of your blog, its looking great :&) not long now………….Russ


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